Benefits of Myndflex

Recognising and managing self-limiting thinking, the central focus of Myndflex, is fundamental to individuals navigating organisational and personal change successfully.

Myndflex helps people to be more productive, healthier and happier at work.  These outcomes lead to enhanced work performance, wellbeing and realisation of individual potential.

Individual benefits

Enhanced personal effectiveness 

Myndflex is highly effective in helping individuals to become more self-confident, calmer or more measured in their approach.  The online toolkit is a self-contained development package.  It includes everything needed to change mindset.  Development progress goes further and happens faster.

Improved work performance and potential

Personal effectiveness, Myndflex’s focus, is  a key aspect of individual performance and potential, particularly in professional and management roles.  By becoming balanced thinkers people benefit from being more effective at work and are in a much stronger position to progress in their careers.

Individual flexibility

The online nature of the toolkit has the benefit of being able to schedule time in a way that suits each individual user.  This flexibility makes it easier to complete personal development work alongside other commitments than is the case with traditional coaching or training.

Personal confidentiality

The Myndflex website is secure.  Participants using the online toolkit can be confident that any personal information and observations they record stay confidential.  Users have access to and control over their own personal development work insights and outputs.

Personalised development experience

The Myndflex toolkit provides a personalised development experience.  Individuals receive tips and content relevant to them.  And if someone wants additional coaching support, this can be purchased, either from us at Perspectives Psychology, or through an accredited Myndflex coach.

Coach benefits

Easy to use

Coaches find it easy to slot Myndflex into their coaching.  The model and approach are highly accessible, making it easy for coaches and individuals to understand and use.  High quality resources are provided at the workshop.  These are invaluable in supporting the work practitioners do with individuals around mindset change.

Effective strategies for individuals

Self-limiting thinking often holds people back.  And yet it’s not always clear how to help people to overcome this.  Created specifically to address this need, Myndflex is very practical, providing step-by-step guidance that enables practitioners to help people  deepen their self-awareness and make sustainable changes in their approach.

Flexible coaching tool

Myndflex is very flexible.  The simplicity and power of the model means that Myndflex can be used in different ways.  This allows coaches to choose their approach according to each individual and conversation.  We outline  what this looks like in practice at the coach workshop, supporting practitioners with relevant resources.

Free mindset diagnostic

Coaches can suggest the free Mindset Indicator to clients or potential clients.  It provides a useful diagnostic for individuals who may benefit from working on their self-limiting thinking.  By completing the survey individuals can sharpen their focus on their typical reactions to challenges and where they’d like to achieve change.

Value for money

Coaches and practitioners who have participated in our workshops say that it is excellent value for money.  This is because they leave with a set of ideas and a comprehensive, professional set of materials they can use.  Accredited coaches are offered discounts on online toolkit sales.

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