An innovative and practical way to change self-limiting thinking

Myndflex enables people to be more self-confident, calmer or more measured at work

There's an online toolkit for individuals who want to develop themselves

And there are 1 day workshops for coaches who want to upskill

Enabling individuals to develop balanced, flexible thinking habits

Cost Effective Development

What is Myndflex?

Myndflex is a new and effective approach that helps people to become more balanced in how they feel, think and react in challenging situations at work.  It’s been devised by an experienced and skilled coaching psychologist.  Based on an established and proven cognitive-behavioural coaching approach, the model and process that sit at the heart of Myndflex are powerful, accessible and easy to use.

Online Coaching

What is the online toolkit?

The online toolkit is a self-coaching development package for individuals who want to become more self-confident, calmer or more measured.  It’s been carefully designed to contain everything needed to be less negative and self-limiting and more balanced.  The toolkit is packed with relevant information and practical tips.  It’s a cost-effective alternative to working with a coach.

Flexible Solutions

Myndflex for coaches

The simplicity and power of Myndflex make it straightforward and easy for practitioners to use.  It’s also a very flexible tool, meaning that coaches can adapt it according to the needs of each individual and coaching conversation.  1 day accreditation workshop places are on offer for coaches who want to use a practical, accessible cognitive-behavioural coaching approach in their work.

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