An innovative and practical way to change self-limiting thinking

Myndflex enables people to be more self-confident, calmer or more measured at work
There's an online toolkit for individuals who want to develop themselves
We also run 1 day workshops for coaches who want to upskill

Enabling individuals to develop balanced, flexible thinking habits

Cost Effective Development


Myndflex offers a range of cost-effective solutions.  Our personal development products for individual use enable employees to develop in situations where specialist expertise is helpful and where typical external coaching packages are unaffordable or impractical.  Our coach workshops represent excellent value for money in giving practitioners the insights, skills and tools they need to enable people to change self-limiting thinking.

Online Coaching

Changing mindset

Myndflex offers a new, effective way to enable people to become more balanced in their thinking, behaviour and reactions in challenging work situations.  All of our products have been created by an experienced and skilled coaching psychologist practitioner.  Based on an established cognitive-behavioural approach, the model and process that sit at the core of Myndflex are powerful, accessible and easy for both coaches and individuals to use.

Flexible Solutions

Flexible solutions

The Myndflex approach can be accessed and used in a number of different ways:  Individuals who identify personal development needs where self-limiting thinking is a factor can self-coach using our online toolkit.  Or they can participate in a workshop.  Or they can choose to work with a Myndflex coach.  Myndflex is also a flexible coaching tool:  Accredited coaches can use Myndflex flexibly in their coaching conversations, adapting to suit different needs.

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